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Having grown from a family-owned company, we foster values such as obligation, an appreciative approach and flat hierarchies as well as gratitude, continuity and fairness. Simultaneously, we offer a sophisticated field of activities with high levels of flexibility within our pan-European corporate network. We place high value on character and on people who assume responsibility.

Our employees embody the tradition and future of our company and are the foundation of our success in the market. We are proud to work with everyone who wishes to continue shaping our future.

Lothar Vöcking, Group Director Human Resources

We ...

OQEMA – a family company for almost 100 years – maintains long-standing relationships with customers, employees and suppliers and represents quality, safety and development within the European market.

OQEMA is a German company active in 18 countries across Europe. Our employees work together with people from almost every European country on a daily basis. They are also entitled to work at another location, if desired.

To ensure that our employees work with confidence, OQEMA places high value on technical expertise and on the suitability of new colleagues within already established teams. This is also the reason why we have so many long-term employees. We also support our workforce in its development and support their careers. We are one of those companies that needn't be left in order to further a career.

Flexible working time models enable OQEMA employees to shape their work time according to specific tasks and their personal situation. This improves the efficiency in a work climate that is organised in an increasingly project-related way and also enables the compatibility of family and profession. Forms of work such as home office enable work times to be adapted according to own needs.

Our employees are our greatest potential. For this reason we specifically support individual responsibility and initiative and also sharpen the awareness for quality and safety. We can and wish to use the strengths of our employees. On the other hand we intentionally tolerate weaknesses. It might perhaps be somewhat old-fashioned to state this and it might also be misunderstood. What do we aim for in this? To be aware that you don’t win every day. We wish to establish a basis for continuous well-being and ‘demanding with a sense of what’s appropriate’. OQEMA enables its employees to think and speak freely, both among themselves and with their supervisors. Unpleasant situations can be discussed and contradictions can and should be accepted in this regard.

On the one hand we attempt to maintain the strengths of a medium-sized company and on the other we target an international level of expertise and continue to develop across the European market.

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