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Chemical Industry

We have developed a portfolio of industrial chemical products and raw materials efficiently meeting the needs of each industrial sector in which chemistry plays a central role in the production and processing phases. Thanks to highly qualified suppliers and a cutting-edge commercial and logistics structure, OQEMA S.p.A. ensures punctual and timely supplies of formulations and industrial chemicals. The wide range of products and the experience gained make OQEMA S.p.A. a benchmark for the industry, able to guarantee the highest levels of supply and optimise the production chains within the industrial complexes.

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Francesco Zago

Sales Manager Technical Application
T +39 335 6715113
F +39 02 21051633
francesco.zago( at )

Elena Verga

Head of Industrial Chemicals
T. +39 331 6626178
F +39 02 21051633
elena.verga( at )

Fabio Chimisso

Head of Performance Chemicals
T. +39 335 8088602
F +39 02 21051633
fabio.chimisso( at )

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