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Paints & Coating

We offer and sell chemical products and raw materials for the paints and coatings industry. In addition to protecting surfaces, coatings contribute significantly to improving the appearance and aesthetics of objects and products of all kinds. Coatings, paints, lacquers and varnishes are used for a variety of industrial applications: from manufactured goods to vehicles, from construction to electronic devices, from the aerospace industry to simple everyday objects. The use is so widespread that the performance standards required by paints, adhesives and resins are increasingly high. Products must also meet increasingly stringent environmental and quality regulations. In order to meet the high demand of the paint and varnish market, OQEMA S.p.A. has developed an assortment of high-quality chemical products including solvents, auxiliary products, polymers, resins and hardeners, additives for the paint and varnish production industry, inks, enamels and fillers and other specialties and chemical raw materials for industrial use for all types of finishes.

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