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Industrie Polieco-MPB SpA (Compounding Division herein after MPB), Italian polyolefins compounder, major player in the Oil&Gas sector, and primary actor in the production of functionalized polymers enters a new partnership with the chemical distributor OQEMA Italy, to strengthen its market shares in high barrier films, multilayers structures and specialty compounds business units.

With this new synergy, MPB aims to expand its existing market shares thanks to its broad range of functionalized polymers and to the specific pluri-decennial experience of the OQEMA Italy team, that perfectly suits our areas of interest.

MPB is part of Industrie Polieco-MPB SpA, established in 1977 and with a turnover of about 195 mio € (euros) and about 400 employees in 2022. The group has production sites in Italy (2), France (2), Greece and Slovakia. POLIECO, the Pipe Division, offers a complete range of products (corrugated pipeline systems, special pieces and fittings, polyethylene manholes and KIO) and is European leader in the production of double wall corrugated pipes with the widest product range of pipe diameters with the latest production technology.

MPB is a global player, leader in Europe, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and second largest player worldwide in Oil&Gas, with the ambition to gain leading position in all sectors where grafted-polyolefins can enhance the technical performance of a multilayer structure or of a compound where polar & non-polar components are present. The continuous company growth in the last 25 years is the market recognition of our quality, service, competence and specific skills. The pursuit of excellence is a goal constantly pursued by MPB. OQEMA Italy is part of the OQEMA Group, which has celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. Founded as a small, family-run chemical producer, the company is now one of the top 10 chemical distributors in Europe.

OQEMA Italy offers chemical products and services and has offices in Milano and Rivanazzano, a strategically positioned warehouses in North Italy, and is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and Fami-QS-certified.

The OQEMA Group is one of the leading chemical distributors in Europe. Almost 1,500 employees currently work for OQEMA at 45 locations in 25 countries. At the interface between chemicals manufacturers and chemical-processing industries, the OQEMA Group provides pan-European services along the supply chains, which includes procurement, product development, individual mixing, logistics and recycling. The Group has specific expertise in the technical and regulatory support of its customers. OQEMA is also the exclusive distribution partner of various renowned producers. OQEMA offers a highly dynamic and continuously expanding product portfolio of more than 15,000 products.

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